Jan 19, 2013

Why The Ruthless Guide?

Category: Making Movies Crowdfunding
You know that phrase 'Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration'? We're to help you perspire a bit less, but still get the job done (and here's why we're doing this).

As I write this (19 Jan 2013), we're into the second week of our first ever crowdfunding campaign, and we've found it pretty tough. However, we've already learned a lot and we wanted to share some of that knowledge with others.

I realised I already had a great vehicle for sharing and discussing hard lessons sitting on the back burner, ie The Ruthless Guide.

I had the idea for The Ruthless Guide nine years ago, but somehow the circumstances weren't right back then. The idea is to talk about the more difficult experiences of trying to get something done and to find ways of getting over those difficulties, some of which may be a bit embarrassing to admit, but without a solution you might have to abandon the task. Also, to do it with a sense of humour - if possible.

The Ruthless Guide is about anything that we can find experts and people with experience to talk about and that we can find an audience for. And that's the other reason for doing this and doing it now.

For our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, we've now emailed just about everyone we know, however slightly, and we've got to just over 10% of our target of $25k (around £15k). Trouble is, we're trying to make a classic feature film, and even with every cost-cutting idea we can come up with, we need substantial cash to shoot it and there is only so much our own network can contribute.

So we need to go global. Since our movie is about bankers who have caused havoc finally meeting some justice (in some unusual ways), we figure that our subject matter is enticing for just about everyone (except bank CEOs perhaps).

The Ruthless Guide will offer advice from the trenches, mainly in the form of audio interviews, and we hope that some of you will be interested in helping our movie, The Big Steal, get made and will click the ad in the top right, see the Indiegogo site, and if you like what you see either contribute or pass the message on.